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Α - Ares's Army

Photo of Patrick Ng
Patrick Ng
Founding Father Reaction
Photo of Bryant Gheevarghese
Bryant Gheevarghese
Founding Father Nightshade
Photo of Barry Carias
Barry Carias
Founding Father Ghostface
Photo of Robin Palatty
Robin Palatty
Founding Father Hypnos
Photo of Dustin Phuc Tran
Dustin Phuc Tran
Founding Father Rook
Photo of Alexander Bracey
Alexander Bracey
Founding Father Beast
Photo of Omar McMillan
Omar McMillan
Founding Father Flava
Photo of Christopher Markle
Christopher Markle
Founding Father Musketeer
Photo of Aurnab (Robi) Banarjee
Aurnab (Robi) Banarjee
Founding Father Outlaw
Photo of Jose Avila
Jose Avila
Founding Father Vega
Photo of Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson
Founding Father Nemean
Photo of Michael Toney
Michael Toney
Founding Father XCalibur
Photo of Michael Chelala
Michael Chelala
Founding Father Iceberg

Β - Beta Battalion

Photo of Kevin Sunny
Kevin Sunny
Brother Morpheme
Photo of Yarzaponna Thet Wynn
Yarzaponna Thet Wynn
Brother Extasy
Photo of Michael Hall
Michael Hall
Brother Prism
Photo of Joel Berman
Joel Berman
Brother Gibraltar

Γ - XCalibur's Knights

Photo of Matthew Foxman
Matthew Foxman
Brother Krypton
Photo of Jay Brooks
Jay Brooks
Brother Inverse
Photo of Anthony Fortunato
Anthony Fortunato
Brother Kakarot
Photo of Eric Frost
Eric Frost
Brother Samsonite
Photo of Andrew Lok
Andrew Lok
Brother Kal-El
Photo of Stefan Coles
Stefan Coles
Brother Cerberus

Δ - Hypnos's Henchmen

Photo of Jerome Zhang
Jerome Zhang
Brother Altair
Photo of Ronak Reshamwala
Ronak Reshamwala
Brother Opium

Ε - Morpheme's Mafia

Photo of Akash Kundu
Akash Kundu
Brother Creed
Photo of Jason Bran
Jason Bran
Brother Ronin
Photo of Akshay Mamgain
Akshay Mamgain
Brother Vengeance

Ζ - Zeta Dynasty

Photo of Dewang Chauhan
Dewang Chauhan
Brother Tempest
Photo of Xiaoyi (Dan) Fang
Xiaoyi (Dan) Fang
Brother Katana
Photo of Randall Holloway
Randall Holloway
Brother Nitro
Photo of Robert Abramowitz
Robert Abramowitz
Brother Metronome
Photo of Kyle Kriner
Kyle Kriner
Brother Skyline
Photo of Justin Elliot
Justin Elliot
Brother Polaris
Photo of Ryan Whyte
Ryan Whyte
Brother Nirvana
Photo of Bryan Wittstein
Bryan Wittstein
Brother Dragunov
Photo of Syd (Sudhanshu) Sharma
Syd (Sudhanshu) Sharma
Brother Kraken

Η - Eta Elements

Photo of Guido Marquez
Guido Marquez
Brother Frostbyte
Photo of Mark Lugay
Mark Lugay
Brother Backdraft

Θ - Theta Titans

Photo of Rahul Aggarwal
Rahul Aggarwal
Brother Brontes
Photo of Selasi Kumahia
Selasi Kumahia
Brother Steropes

Ι - Iota Imperators

Photo of Aditya Dhara
Aditya Dhara
Brother Lotus
Photo of Joe Vele
Joe Vele
Brother Symbiote

Κ - Kappa Kingdom

Photo of Krunal Patel
Krunal Patel
Brother Vanguard
Photo of Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan
Brother Armani
Photo of Abhi Shah
Abhi Shah
Brother Taurus

Λ - Lambda Legion

Photo of Jason Cho
Jason Cho
Brother Longfist
Photo of Edgardo Garcia-Lara
Edgardo Garcia-Lara
Brother Jaguar
Photo of Bob (Hoang) Pham
Bob (Hoang) Pham
Brother Requiem
Photo of Jonathan Kipp
Jonathan Kipp
Brother Moonraker

Μ - Creed's Counterstrike

Photo of Kishan Mistry
Kishan Mistry
Brother Wildcard
Photo of Akash Shah
Akash Shah
Brother Anduril
Photo of Kristofer Patel
Kristofer Patel
Brother Killa B
Photo of Vineeth Nair
Vineeth Nair
Brother Inflame

Ν - Nu Era

Photo of Haree Srinivasan
Haree Srinivasan
Brother Orion Pax
Photo of Ryan Cebulko
Ryan Cebulko
Brother Enterprise
Photo of Kush Virani
Kush Virani
Brother Simba
Photo of Daniel Subramaniyam
Daniel Subramaniyam
Brother Hellboy
Photo of Hargobind Khalsa
Hargobind Khalsa
Brother Baratheon
Photo of Aayush Chouhan
Aayush Chouhan
Brother Sophist
Photo of Terry (Ti Chieh) Hu
Terry (Ti Chieh) Hu
Brother Zenith
Photo of Kai Yasutomi
Kai Yasutomi
Brother Masendan
Photo of Viren Dayal
Viren Dayal
Brother Galactus

Ξ - Lotus's Legacy

Photo of Rolando Tan
Rolando Tan
Brother Agila
Photo of Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma
Brother Stratus
Photo of Jared Hong
Jared Hong
Brother Ryoma

Ο - Vanguard's Vessel

Photo of Ryan Pajak
Ryan Pajak
Brother Cataphract

Π - Killa B's Kishos

Photo of Rohin Kar
Rohin Kar
Brother Menethil
Photo of Marcus Brunelle
Marcus Brunelle
Brother Night Fury
Photo of Carlos Mancini Martinez De Medinilla
Carlos Mancini Martinez De Medinilla
Brother Di Stefano
Photo of John Millard
John Millard
Brother Weirwood
Photo of Vinayak Raina
Vinayak Raina
Brother Aeolus
Photo of Alex Nathanson
Alex Nathanson
Brother Tetris

Ρ - Rho Rampage

Photo of Umirajah Kathirgamathas
Umirajah Kathirgamathas
Brother Bruin
Photo of Raven Ael Guenneguez
Raven Ael Guenneguez
Brother Conus

Σ - Baratheon's Berserkers

Photo of Humza Husain
Humza Husain
Brother Gon
Photo of Andre Dallaire
Andre Dallaire
Brother Killua

Τ - Enterprise's Endeavor

Photo of William Rebolledo
William Rebolledo
Brother Gravitas
Photo of Thang (Tim) Trieu
Thang (Tim) Trieu
Brother Future